Smoke Reactivated

Everyone has a past.  Jessica's can kill you...or maybe save you.
Former black ops operator Jessica Bentley, now Jessica Whitley, is called back into action on a special mission to stop an imminent terrorist attack. Things heat up in more ways than one from high speed chases to elegant black tie affairs as a team of elite operators must track down an elusive terrorist bent on revenge.

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A Jessica Bentley thriller...

Most people agree to help a friend when they ask, but this usually doesn’t lead to getting shot at. Pulled back into her former life by the call of duty, JESSICA WHITLEY—known as Captain Bentley before she was married—must use her elite military skills to stop an Iranian terrorist from detonating a chemical weapon on US soil—and still manage her responsibilities at home. Although they haven’t spoken since she abruptly left their black ops unit years ago, more than one kind spark flies when Jessica reunites with the CIA’s JOE ROMEO and his team for a covert op.

From high-speed chases through the streets of Paris and navigating the dangerous waters of the Florida Everglades to some tricky piloting maneuvers in a helicopter that is going to hit the ground, Jessica steps back into her old life more naturally than she expected. She and the team race to identify and locate the terrorist and his target before he can release deadly chemicals, killing thousands. As they follow the terrorist’s trail, her two worlds collide, and danger threatens the lives of everyone she loves. Can she save them?

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